Artist Statement


As I sit on my paint covered stool, I stare at a blank canvas and wonder what story it will tell. My storytelling involves applying paint onto a canvas much like an author’s keystrokes on paper. It is a very thoughtful dance between brush and canvas and as the color begins to appear, so does the story.
I want to create a work that allows me to get swept away. Swept away into a story where each stroke of color plays a supporting role to the lines and textures that begin to fill the canvas.
So what is the story about? My work is inspired by life experiences and memories. As I am painting this story, I am expressing feeling and emotions that come with living my life, but the real beauty of this work is the audience can interpret it into their own story.
By combining bright, vibrant, full bodied color, elements of nature, and a dash of whimsy, I create work that is meant to be shared so that the viewer too can get swept away…